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Cyber Security Guide

Cyber security lock iconPrevention and implementing the proper timely response is key for preventing data loss. Ensure your business information is safe from malicious threats.

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Email Security Guide

Email security bug iconSpeak with a trusted specialist at Inverselogic about your security framework for a comprehensive overview and discussion of your network security plan. In the meantime, you can brief your employees with tips from our guide.

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Growth of Ransomware Presentation

growth of ransomware money bag iconHere is a presentation given by Inverselogic President/CEO, Ara Aslanian, at Glendale Tech On Tap about the growth of ransomware and what businesses can do to protect themselves.

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Ransomware Statistics and Figures

ransomware statistics iconOver $1 billion was lost to ransomare in 2016, and that figure is sure to double. There were 171,802,109 malicious attacks in Q3 of 2016. The numbers are shocking.

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